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Baby Decor

It is said that a baby nursed properly has an increased level of confidence and it also cries less. The baby can grow into a healthy one when it all nursed well. To make it possible, our people at Chubby Cheeks, would be more than happy to guide you in terms of nursing and baby health care products. Babies spend sleeping during most of its time in a day. It not only does help the baby to grow but also help to develop the systems in its body and its functions. A great hand of help comes in the means of comfy, cozy and dry sheets, helping the baby to stretch and relax. Our water proof bed cover are a combination of genius idea and convenience. Being water proof, the cover can be cleaned and reused easily though it is a rainy season - Dries in no time. We are also proud to present the customized baby beds that are made of organic cotton. This ensures the health and coziness of the baby. These beds are quilted for richness and it is a sure thing to buy. We have net beds, net umbrellas, Cradles with mosquito protection, Jhoolas / Thottil that are made of cloth, net and stick. The designs and the architecture of these baby decors are flawless and are of trustworthy. The materials and the fitting are designed to provide comfort and well being to the baby. We cannot leave our traditions behind, can we? There is Vasambu bangle which is also called as 'Payer solladhadu' in Tamil. And also, we have Vengai Pottu. These are beliefs our ancestors stressed on a lot and the fact that is does all the good to the babies and the power they possess is limitless. Our Nursery and Decors are a sure thing to go for.