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Kids! The sunshine of our Life. The charm and cheer they express are priceless, which is why, they deserve the finest of things in the world. Naturally. We, Chubby Cheeks at Peelamedu, is an establishment whose promising effort is to make sure the kids have their best experience of a life time, with an overwhelming commitment to serve the people in the time of pregnancy and after it, dealing with cloths for kids, Toys, Pregnancy care products, baby care Products, Baby gears, bathing product for newborn babies, Healthcare products, Baby Decors and more. Now, our kids shop in Coimbatore is about 2000 Sq. Ft big, just about enough to fit all that there is to make you go Wow! And with our presence in Coimbatore, we have also got you covered in terms of your vehicle's safety, with more than enough space to go chillax about the shopping experience. When we deal with the needs of babies, moms and upcoming mothers, there cannot be a compromise, what so ever, in the products and services they use.

We, at Chubby Cheeks, assure the goodness of the same, since 2017. We are really good at making the kids, a happy, healthy, playful, fun-filled little people for whom the whole world is just huge playground where they hop, run, jump and dodge things that are not extra amusing and lively to them. A wiseman once said, 'Motherhood is a boon', which is more than true. Because, We, at Chubby Cheeks, celebrate Mothers and motherhood by providing them with Maternity wears, pregnancy care products and more that helps them be at ease and make this an enjoyable and worthwhile life experience. That is why we provide Maternity essentials like feeding pumps, feeding Kurtis, Feeding Gown/ Night dress, Braziers, Pregnancy panty, Stretch Mark Cream, Abdominal Belt, Pregnancy Panty / Disposable Panty Feeding Pillows, Manual / Electric Breast Pump, Breast Pads, Diaper Bags which also include After-delivery essentials. We are devoted to heed the requisites of babies through baby health care products. All these accessories are set to offer piece of mind with comfort and ease.

Our line of essentials like Feeding dresses helps to be able to address the needs of the baby anywhere. Happy childhood is a great memory to carry over one's life. We feel delighted to promise you such glorious memories. Also, we, as a customer centric establishment, not just understand a mother's need and wishes but also heed to their aspirations at this time because they deserve only the best. To intensify the essence of childhood, we have come up with baby cloths like Onesies, Jablas, Nappy, Mitten, Booty, Cap, Sweaters, Wash Cloths and more. Our bathing products for newborn baby are wide in range and variety and so is the diaper for newborn baby. .We have more ways to help you express your love of your young loved ones.

To begin, our indoor fun starts with the Art and Crafty games and Riddles that are brain builders. They are sure to stimulate ideas and imagination, which also fascinates the kids to indulge more in it. There can be fun with numbers and learning Maths through Activity books. We have also education toys that are fun and motivating. Or if you think you want your kids to get creative, we can suggest Jurassic toys that lights up and walks around – we all love dinosaurs. Don’twe? And there are cars that can dance, run and do impressive stunts. They are controlled through remote electronically. More electronic toys include Robots, Trains, Construction equipment and it could get as fancy as a miniature Bowling game. Come explore our shop today. We expand with the never-ending possibilities by addressing to the needs of our customers and are always open to suggestions. When comes to kids we believe in ‘Play, Learn and Grow Together'.


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